The Equine Reflection of Us

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Equine Reflection

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Observant of Us All?

It has often been said that the horse is a mirror to oneself, a reflection of who we truly are. There is much truth to this simple statement of  reflection and observation. Horses are very intuitive, instinctive, sensitive beings who communicate clearly with their thoughts and emotions expressed as body language. Thus, our own thoughts, emotions are reflected equally in the way we carry ourselves, move, our actions, tension, and energy. The horse can read this, interpret it, and respond accordingly, which may not be in the manner we want him to! That is an error in our expression of communication, or lack thereof.

I know most of us can relate an experience in which we had a great day, and the a ride for the record books later on that day. Or, conversely, we may have had a not so great day, had an altercation with the horse and maybe left feeling better, but what about the horse?

You are responsible for communicating clearly through your mind and matter (physical expression of body language, which is an expression of your mind) to the horse. This is NOT the horse’s responsibility. It is YOUR responsibility. The horse will only mirror or reflect what you bring to the arena with you! If you are carrying excess baggage around with you from the day, you need to clear that out of your mind prior to working your horse. Individually, the manner in which this is done will vary. If, for example, I am stressed and tense, I usually have to go for a hard physical run to release that pent up energy, by focusing on my breathing and rhythm, and gasping for air! Or, I may simply sit down for 20 minutes and play the guitar to FOCUS myself. These are forms of self meditation that “get your mind right” for working with the horse. Communication has to be done consistently and clearly each time you work with your horse. Leave the emotion, unless it is elation and happiness, which will only serve to garner a better, more expressive, animated performance, at the arena gate.

Working with horses is rewarding and challenging. It forces ourselves, if we want to pursue being better horsemen and horsewomen, to look deeply within ourselves, to be self observant, to be true to ourselves. Your horse will tell you if you are hiding from yourself. You cannot hide your emotions from your horse, and you cannot hide from you. The horse allows us to express who we truly are.

Look. Listen. Observe. Reflect. Respond to your inner self and being.

Look. Listen. Observe. Reflect. Respond to your horse.

Look. Listen. Observe. Reflect. Respond as One.

Many Blessings on Your Journey of Communication.


Blood of Kings

Our ranch name, Sangre de Reyes, translates as “Blood of Kings.” Our majestic and noble horses contain the old, pure blood from the Spanish horses bred by kings for the great nobility. In Spain, to this day, the PRE horse is considered a National Treasure.

It is said that the Spanish Horse has a trait like no other horse, and that is NOBILITY. We welcome you to Sangre de Reyes, where the beauty, movement, and nobility of our horses will create an experience that will remain in your heart forever. Let the fire in their footsteps entrance you into their dance, let the gentleness in their eyes sweep you into their soul, let the breath of their life connect your spirits as one.

Sangre de Reyes

Mariah's Cantariso
Mariah’s Cantariso

Sangre de Reyes is cradled in the arms of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Northern New Mexico. Here, touched by the rays of evening light, the mountains emit a glowing reddish hue, defined as the Blood of Christ, from which they are named. A region deeply entrenched in culture and history, Northern New Mexico is pure and ancient in its land, culture, and concepts. From the Puebloan cultures that are still vitally practiced here, to the far out-reaching posts from the Spanish Colonial Empire, history is living and embracing its modern-day inhabitants and visitors to the region.

Horses have been an integral part of the shaping and structuring of the West. The early Spanish Conquistadors and settlers of the region brought with them the predecessors to our modern day Spanish horse–the Pura Raza Espanola (PRE), or Andalusian horse. What better place to breed, raise, train, exhibit, and compete the Horse of Kings.


Pegasus Insightful Horsemanship

I am the founder of Pegasus Insightful Horsemanship. As a child, I learned, like so many others, to literally ride by the seat of my pants, which sure gave me a very good seat! I also discovered that the horse was the ultimate vehicle to freedom.

Horses will give you spiritual wings and a soaring heart through self liberation. A mirror into one’s self, the horse can truly set you free.

The Dynamics of the Horse-Human Herd
With Pegasus Insightful Horsemanship, the focus is on the dynamics of the Horse-Human Herd. It is based on the study of how horses think, react, understand, and move.

It teaches one to be insightful: a good trainer/rider must pay attention to and consider every step and movement, every reaction or action a horse makes in response to an aid, movement, or thought from the rider.

One has to become a thinking, observing, sensitive, insightful trainer. Mental pressure, physical pressure, body language–these are the things that we must become adept at using and communicating to the horse.