Sept. 28, 2013

1:00 pm at the Martinez Hacienda
Spanish Horse Demonstration

March 21, 2014

Spanish Horse exhibition at Blackstone Ranch, Taos, NM. This beautiful exhibition will display many of the Spanish Horse’s talents in the alta escuela, or high school work. Bibiana and Califa del C (Beau) will be the performers of classical dressage work. Additionally, Bibiana will perform at liberty! This amazing event will showcase the nobility, desire to please, and spirit of the Spanish Horse.  10:00 am, Blackstone Ranch, Taos, NM

April 12, 2014, 10:30 am until 5:00pm

Mark your calendars for a monthly experience which will assuredly bring you much enlightenment and insight into oneness with your horse. Showcasing work of the Spanish Horses, this all-day auditor based event will focus on the training progression of several of Sangre de Reyes Classical Riding Academy’s beautiful horses. Auditors will be welcome to participate with questions and some hands-on training and will learn in-depth classical training as it pertains to being a means for better communication with your horse, no matter what your discipline. At the end of the year, an actual performance will then demonstrate the horse’s achievements from the year. Watch these amazing horses progress, and come away with a new array of ways to strengthen your horse physically, mentally, and achieve oneness!!!! $35 for an entire day of knowledge!!!

Levade, classical riding, classical dressage, dressage exhibition
Bibiana performs the classic “air,” the Levade, at an exhibition.

May 3, 2014

Classical Dressage Clinic: Introduction to the work of classical dressage which will cover seat position, aids, theories, and beginning riding instruction. Even if you are not a dressage rider, I promise there will be lots of information that pertains to training the horse and rider to work as a team, as one.  Contact Dr. Babits at Sangre de Reyes Classical Riding Academy at 575-779-2466 to schedule a place in the clinic. No more than 15 riders will be participating in the riding portion. Unlimited auditors. Auditor fee: 20.00 for the day; Rider’s participating in the clinic: 75.00. Some individual and some group work. Location: Morning Star Ranch in Taos, NM.

Bibiana, Andalusian mare performing the pasade.
Bibiana, Andalusian mare performing the pasade.


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